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Change Requests

Commercial Licensee Change Requests

Commercial licensees who wish to update contact information, location, and/or ownership information may do so by submitting the appropriate Change Request Form below. Change requests must be submitted by the current primary contact person and from the current primary contact person’s email address as listed in the application. Certain changes cannot be made through a Change Request Form as indicated below.

OMMA will respond with a request for more information or an approval/denial. Incomplete or improperly submitted requests will be rejected. Changes that affect a licensee’s qualifications for licensure may result in the loss of license.

Changes Requiring a Change Request Form
Changes Requiring a New Application and New Application Fee
Changes to be Updated at Renewal
Contact information (primary contact, business phone number, business operating hours, business trade name, etc.)

Business entity name (Changes to business trade name are accepted.)

Members, managers, and board members with no ownership in the business entity. (Please note that changes affecting the licensee’s qualifications for licensure may result in non-renewal and loss of license.)
Business location
Business type (grower/processor/dispensary)

Ownership (adding/removing an owner, changes in ownership percentages)
Business structure (LLC, individual owner, etc.)


Please read the instructions on the form completely before submitting your change request. Incomplete requests will be rejected.