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List of Licensed Businesses

List of Licensed Growers

Licensed Processors

Licensed Dispensaries

OMMA Information on Disclosure of Commercial Licensees

Addresses for growers and processors are not included on the lists published online. All application information is considered open record and is shared upon request in compliance with state open records requirements.

Open Records Requests will continue to be fulfilled, and the publication of state licensee information that is public record is a routine practice of the Oklahoma State Department of Health. In addition, every commercial applicant agrees to the publication of the applicant’s information on the OMMA website, and this information is not sealed by law.

Commercial licensees are reminded that the emergency rules require security measures to deter and prevent unauthorized entrance, theft, and diversion of marijuana and to secure marijuana items (OAC 310:681-6-1).

OMMA is dedicated to operating the medical marijuana program in compliance with state laws and regulations, and we hope this information helps to clarify the posting of these lists.