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Business Application Information

Grower, Processor, Dispensary, and Transporter Application/Renewal Information

Don’t risk your business license getting rejected. We will take you through the renewal process step-by-step.

Testing Process

Licensed growers and processors in the state of Oklahoma are required by law to test all medical marijuana and medical marijuana products in a laboratory licensed by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) as of July 1st, 2020.

Program Changes for Businesses:

  • Application Processing – The timeline for OMMA review of business applications and renewals will be 90 business days. If an application is rejected for failure to provide required information, applicants will have 30 calendar days to submit the required information for reconsideration or the application will expire.
  • Renewal Applications – The online renewal system will be available starting August 30. Businesses should submit their renewal application prior to the expiration date of the license, but no sooner than 60 days prior to the expiration date. As long as the renewal application is submitted on time, the existing license will remain valid while the renewal application is processed.
  • New Transporter Licenses - Stand-alone transporter business license applications, as well as individual transporter agent license applications, will be available starting August 30, 2019. Growers, processors, and dispensaries will continue to be issued a transporter license with their business license. Both a transporter business license and an individual transporter agent card will be required for transportation of medical marijuana.
  • Residency Requirements – New businesses will need to meet the new residency requirements, which include proof of residency for the last two years preceding the date of renewal or application or five continuous years of the last 25 years preceding the date of renewal or application, in order to establish that 75% of the owners are Oklahoma residents as required by SQ 788. Documentation proving residency for the duration of two or five years will be required at application. Proper application of the exemption from additional residency requirements for existing businesses is pending review by the Oklahoma Attorney General.
  • Certificate of Compliance – All business applicants will be required to submit a  from the political subdivision that has jurisdiction where the business is located (usually a city or county). Businesses located within Oklahoma City may submit the Certificate of Compliance provided by Oklahoma City. Businesses are encouraged to contact their city or county for more information on this process before submitting their application.
  • Distance from Schools – HB 2612 defines “school” to include preschools for the purposes of the 1,000 feet requirement for dispensaries. Dispensaries will have to prove their location meets this updated requirement at application and renewal. “School” does not include a homeschool, daycare, or childcare facility.

Important Note Regarding Certificate of Compliance

A political subdivision may request an alternative COC form or resolution be accepted by OMMA.

Process to submit alternative Form:


  1. The City or County Official sends a copy of the official resolution, signed letter on official letterhead, or alternative form to: [email protected].
  2. OMMA will verify the documentation, ensuring that the official document identifies each requirement set forth 63 O.S. § 427.1 et seq. as being not applicable. By this documentation, the political subdivision is verifying it has none of the following applicable codes for which to certify compliance at this time: 
    • Zoning classifications and ordinances
    • Safety codes
    • Fire codes
    • Electrical, plumbing, waste (including environmental waste) codes
    • Building or construction codes
    • No other ordinances/requirements need to be satisfied by the applicants
  3. Alternative forms that contain all the same information as the OMMA form that a city or county has established for use, can be submitted for approval. The city or county official must still sign off and address each component outlined in the law.

Important Note for Dispensaries: Distance from a School

As stated in OAC 310:681-5-3(e)(4), dispensaries must provide proof that the location is at least 1,000 feet from a public or private school. This distance is measured by the straight-line (shortest) distance from the nearest point of the location of the dispensary to any entrance of a school. It is not measured by walking or driving distance. Any school that holds classes or activities for students, such as field houses, track/practice fields or agriculture classes, is included in this restriction. It is the responsibility of the applicant/licensee to ensure the dispensary is not within 1,000 feet of any applicable school entrance. If this distance is less than 1,000 feet, the dispensary application will be denied and the application fee will not be refunded.

The OMMA must be able to verify the documentation provided by the dispensary. Officials use satellite measuring tools to verify the specific distance from the closest point of the dispensary’s property line to the closest entrance of any school. Applicants are encouraged to review the document and use multiple tools (such as maps) and resources to ensure compliance with this requirement. Applicants with questions about schools near their location may want to contact the local school district. Please reference the document for more information.


New requirements starting August 30, 2019:

  • Applicants must supply a  for their business location
  • No individual with ownership interest in the business can be a sheriff, deputy sheriff, police officer or prosecuting officer, or an officer or employee of OMMA or a municipality in which the commercial entity is located
  • Applicants must supply ownership disclosure documentation
  • Applicants must provide proof of good standing from the Secretary of State (SOS) and/or their permit from the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC), if applicable, depending on the business type and business structure:
 Sole Prop.Gen. Part.LLCCorporationLimited Part.


Proof of Oklahoma residency can be established by providing a digital, color copy of one or more of the following documents:

  • Oklahoma driver’s license (front and back)
  • Oklahoma identification card (front and back)
  • Oklahoma voter identification card
  • Utility bills, excluding cellular telephone and internet bills
  • A residential property deed to property in the State of Oklahoma
  • A current rental agreement for residential property located in the State of Oklahoma
  • Other documentation deemed sufficient by OMMA

NOTE: If a business must meet the new 2 or 5-year residency requirements, a combination of documents that prove residency for the duration of the 2 or 5 years must be provided.

For a detailed list of all required documents and information, review this prior to submitting a Commercial License Application online.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medical marijuana processor license?

A medical marijuana processor license allows a business to legally process marijuana for medical purposes in Oklahoma. Licensed processors can sell to licensed dispensaries and other licensed processors. Licensed processors may also process marijuana into a concentrated form for a patient license holder for a fee. Processor licenses will be in the form of a license certificate. Licensed processors must comply with Title 63 O.S. § 420 et seq. and the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 310:681.

What is a medical marijuana dispensary license?

A medical marijuana dispensary license allows a business to legally sell medical marijuana and medical marijuana products, including mature plants and seedlings. Licensed dispensaries can only sell to patient license holders, caregiver license holders, research license holders, and the parent or legal guardian named on a minor patient’s license. Dispensaries engaging in unlawful sales may be fined, or their licenses may be revoked. Dispensary staff may validate licenses using the OMMA verification system, which will be available in early September. Staff may also validate the purchaser’s identity. Dispensary licenses will be in the form of a license certificate. Licensed dispensaries must comply with Title 63 O.S. § 420 et seq. and the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 310:681.

"Dispensary" or "Commercial Dispensary" means an individual or entity that has been issued a medical marijuana commercial license by the Department, which allows the dispensary to purchase medical marijuana or medical marijuana products from a licensed processer, grower, or dispensary; to sell medical marijuana and medical marijuana products to a licensed patient, to the licensed patient’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) if licensed patient is an minor, and a licensed caregiver, a research facility, and an education facility; and to sell, transfer, and transport or contract with a commercial transporter to transport medical marijuana or medical marijuana products to another licensed dispensary, and to transfer to testing laboratories.

What is a medical marijuana transportation license?

A medical marijuana transportation license will be provided with an approved grower, processor, or dispensary license. A transportation license is in the form of a notation on the grower, processor, or dispensary license and allows an individual/entity to legally transport medical marijuana with a copy of the license.

Licensed transporters can legally transport medical marijuana from a licensed grower, licensed processor, or licensed dispensary to a licensed grower, licensed processor, licensed dispensary, or licensed researcher. Licensed transporters must comply with Title 63 O.S. § 420 et seq. and the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 310:681.

What are the basic requirements to be eligible to apply?
  • Applicants must be 25 or older.
  • Individual applicants must be Oklahoma residents.
  • Members, managers, and board members of entity applicants must all be Oklahoma residents.
  • Entities must show that at least 75% ownership held by an Oklahoma resident.
  • All owners and officers must provide a background check; nonviolent felony convictions in the last two years and any other felony conviction in the last five years for any owner will disqualify the applicant.
  • Unless the business entity is a Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership, the applying entity must submit a copy of the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s certificate of good standing document. For more information, visit the Oklahoma Secretary of State at
  • Dispensaries must provide proof that they are not within 1,000 feet of any entrance to any public or private school.

Proof of identity can be established by providing a digital, color copy of one of the following unexpired, valid documents:

  • Oklahoma driver’s license (front and back)
  • Oklahoma identification card (front and back)
  • U.S. passport or other photo identification issued by the U.S government
  • Tribal identification card approved for identification purposes by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety:             
    • United States Bureau of Indian Affairs identification card or a Oklahoma tribal photo identification cards: Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma, Kiowa, Comanche, Apache of Oklahoma, Absentee Shawnee, Cheyenne-Arapaho, Choctaw, Delaware, Caddo Nation of Oklahoma issued on or after January 8, 2008.
Each owner will need to supply an and supporting documentation if he or she is not a U.S. citizen.


Do I need to submit a separate license application for each location of my business?

Yes, separate licenses are required for each location. A separate application and non-refundable application fee for each location is required. You also will need to submit a separate application and non-refundable application fee for each license type (processor, grower, dispensary). However, you may use the same background check of owners for multiple license applications as long as the background checks have been completed within 30 days from the date the license was submitted.

How long does my business license last?

Licenses are valid for one year from the date issued, unless the license is revoked by OMMA. A license may be renewed before it expires.

How do I apply for a business license?

Applications and payment will be collected at A valid email address is required for login. This email address will be used to send notices once an account is created.

What information and documentation do I need to provide in the business application?
To help with the application process review the  prior to submitting a Commercial License Application online.
Are background checks required?
Yes, background checks are required for all owners and officers. Please review the instructions on prior to submitting an application. The applicant is responsible for all costs associated with the background checks.


How much does a business application cost?

The application fee for a grower, processor, dispensary, or transporter application is $2,500. Application fees will be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card. An additional credit card processing fee will be added to the transaction. These application and processing fees are non-refundable. The payment will not be refunded for applications not approved.

What is the process for growers, processors, transporters, and dispensaries to obtain a license?

Application information and requirements for licenses are available at In addition to other licensing requirements, applicants must be at least 25 years old, reside in Oklahoma, and the entities must be registered to conduct business in the state. At least 75 percent of the ownership of entities must be by Oklahoma residents. The license application fee for growers, processors, and dispensaries is $2,500.

What if my legal business name is different then my store name?
  1. If you have a trade name/Doing Business As (DBA) that is different than your entity name, the DBA needs to be listed on your application. For example, you cannot have a license under the name “Legal MMJ Co” and have a storefront sign that ID’s your business as “MMJ Plus.”
  2. If you are not in the application process but do not have your trade name/DBA on file, you can update it through your business’s licensing portal.
  3. Your physical address needs to match the one that OMMA has on file for your location. Your license is tied to this location.
What is a medical marijuana grower license?

A medical marijuana grower license allows a business to legally grow marijuana for medical purposes in Oklahoma. Licensed growers can sell to licensed processors and licensed dispensaries only. Grower licenses will be in the form of a license certificate. Licensed growers must comply with Title 63 O.S. § 420 et seq. and the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 310:681.